The invisible diffuser that stays hidden.

The origin of the development of the Krantz Opticlean diffuser was to find a product for use in clean spaces which provided high induction supply whilst maintaining a ceiling surface that is free of smudging.

Conventional high induction outlets which rely on a twist or pulse discharge allow dust laden room air to come into contact with the surface of the ceiling before it is induced by the high velocity supply. This rapid change in direction spins the dust particles out of suspension and deposits them on the ceiling surface resulting in unsightly smudging and revealing the position of the diffusers.

The Krantz Opticlean diffuser creates a layer of clean supply air below the ceiling tile which is subsequently rolled across the ceiling, inducing room air as it goes without rapid directional changes.

The success of the Krantz Opticlean in commercial buildings has been a by product of the original intent, in this instance its most attractive feature being its invisibility, but this would be short lived without the originally intended feature of maintaining a clean ceiling.

Reference Projects.

  • St James’ Market, London

    St James’ Market, comprising of 14-20 Regent Street and 52-56 Haymarket, provides 31,500 m2 (340,000 ft2) of mixed-use accommodation and brings together world-class 21st century architecture with preserved historic facades. In November 2015, Advanced Airflow Solutions supplied the project with Krantz Opticlean Diffusers in a contract worth in excess of £100,000.00.

  • 20 Fenchurch Street

    Designed in 2004 by architect Rafael Viñoly and costing over £200 million, 20 Fenchurch Street (nicknamed “The Walkie Talkie”) is prominent commercial skyscraper in London. Construction was completed in 2014 and the top-floor “Sky Garden” was opened in January 2015. The building consists of 34 storeys, making it the fifth tallest building in the City of London. In November 2015, Advanced Airflow Solutions supplied Krantz Opticlean diffusers (type OC-Q) to the 24th floor refurbishment for Internationally renowned Law firm, Vinson & Elkins.

  • Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

    Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is the home of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society and is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade II listed building. In March 2015, Advanced Airflow Solutions supplied Liverpool Royal Philharmonic concert hall with Krantz Opticlean Diffusers.

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