Rectangular Attenuator - PZ

- For sound attenuation in ventilation ducts and ventilated areas.
- Aerodynamically shaped sound attenuation splitter reduces drag by 30% (energy savings).
- Sound attenuation splitters are made of flame retardant material, adsorption material.
- Splitters are constructed in three standard thicknesses: d = 100mm, d = 200mm and d = 300mm.
- Rectangular sound attenuators are available in five standard cross-section dimensions: d/s = 100/50; 100/100; 200/100; 200/200 and 300/100.
- Attenuator casing is made from galvanised steel, fitted with flanges.
- Attenuators heavier than 300kg are supplied in two or more sections, each single section lighter than 300kg.

Circular Attenuator - PZC

- Outer casing is made of galvanised sheet steel, filled with sound absorbing material. Inner duct of the attenuator is made of perforated galvanised sheet steel.

Options: Version with pod.

Innerspace Attenuator - PZM

- Made from galvanised sheet steel, containing sound-absorbing material infill.

Sound Attenuation Splitter

- Adsorption material rock-wool, non flammable, according to Class A2, to DIN 4102, Part 1.
- Significant attenuation in frequency span from 63 to 8000Hz.
- Aerodynamic splitter shape.
- Splitter cover (lining): Glass fibre veil, Reflective plates, Glass silk.

Meets standards VDI 6022, Part 1 and Part 3, DIN 1946, Part 2 and Part 4 and VDI 3803.

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