In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Advanced Airflow Solutions are able to supply high integrity equipment for the containment of critical spaces in epidemic / pandemic treatment centres, hospitals and research laboratories. 

Our product range includes: 

- Gastight stainless steel isolation dampers (Download brochure here)

- HEPA filter housings complete with automatic scanning and disinfection facilities (Download brochure here)

- Airflow control regulators complete with room controllers and pressure sensors.

- Terminal HEPA filters for Cleanrooms and Laboratories.

We are also able to provide all components and materials for the rapid construction of critical laboratories and treatment centres, either with existing structures or free standing. 

Our engineers & partners have extensive experience in the supply of equipment to such facilities as the following: 

- Pirbright Brooksby (DP1) - BSL 3 & BSL 4 laboratories

- The Pirbright Institute - BSL 3 & BSL 4 laboratories

- The Robert Koch Institute, Berlin - BSL 3 & BSL 4 laboratories

- The Marburg Institute 

If you have any questions about containment laboratories or any of our products we'd be glad to help. Email us on