The Multi Swirl Diffuser was first developed for the BBC Media City in Salford, due to the project requirements for high flow rates, low velocities and most importantly, low noise levels. The same concept was recently utilised throughout the BBC Cardiff project.

We have recently supplied these units to laboratory projects where in addition to the above qualities, the units display high airflow stability on varying supply flow rates, especially in spaces with fume cupboards. 

The 1200 x 300 faceplate is ideal as a ceiling tile replacement for many modern office developments and can be supplied with any edge details to integrate perfectly into the project ceiling grid. 

A relatively large plenum box is able to accommodate a high area of noise absorbent material, making the diffuser the ideal partner for noise regenerating fan coil units. 

Download the product brochure here.

Summary of features: 

1. High capacity diffuser (up to 400 l/s

2. High induction airflow patterns resulting in uniform and low room velocities and high differential temperature equalisation. 

3. Low regenerated noise.

4. High stability across a large range of volume flow rates.

5. Sound absorbing plenum boxes.

6. Available in sizes 1200 x 300, 900 x 300, 600 x 300, 300x300 faceplates (other sizes on request)

7. Faceplate edge detail to suit project ceiling grid.

8. High aesthetic appearance.