Smartemp Circular displacement outlet CP


Adjustable pattern plug-flow air supply from up to 3 m discharge height in industrial applications for spot cooling/heating and to purge contaminants from work areas.

Plug-flow discharge: Low turbulence substantially uni-directional airflow to sweep away contaminants and provides spot cooling/heating.

Ceiling location: May be suspended above workspace.

Wall location: May be located adjacent to a wall.

Floor location: May be located on the floor.

Adjustable direction: Air pattern adjustment from slightly inclined to vertically downwards, for draught-free cooling and effective heating.

Manual adjustment: Manual air pattern direction adjustment.

Drum face shape: Cylindrical shape.

Perforated pattern: Perforated face.

Metal Face: Galvanised or powder coated metal finish.


Electric adjustment: Airflow pattern adjustment (upwards for cooling; downwards for heating) by means of electric actuator with 24V AC/DC power supply and 2-10 V analogue control input. Well suited to supply-to-room temperature differential control for optimised cooling and heating performance, providing effective downward heat penetration and draught-free operation year round.

Thermal adjustment: Self-acting wax-bulb up/down discharge direction adjustment - no external power source or controls required. Cool supply air is directed upwards providing draught-free air motion, and warm supply air is directed downwards for effective penetration of heat to a low level. The discharge direction bias is manually adjustable.

Ceiling Diffusers
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Displacement Outlets (Commercial)
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Rectangular displacement outlet DF1W
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Circular displacement outlet DR360
Displacement Outlets (Industrial)
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Circular displacement outlet CP
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