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Smartemp Auditorium Step Swirl Diffuser CSS-FD


- For tiered auditoria and lecture theatres
- Built into step front at approximately 100m height
- High induction swirl discharge breaks down discharge velocity and equalises temperature.
- Installation into wooden or concrete steps
- Connection to pressurised plenum

Ceiling Diffusers
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Twist Outlet DK
Stacks Image p360606_n13
Radial Slot Outlet DEK
Stacks Image p360606_n18
Radial Slot Outlet (Circular) DEK
Stacks Image p360606_n23
Radial Outlet DK-O
Stacks Image p360606_n29
Radial Outlet HSC-FD
Stacks Image p360606_n34
Adjustable Radial Outlet HSC-AD
Stacks Image p360606_n39
Slot Diffuser SR
Stacks Image p360606_n144
Invisible Diffuser
Stacks Image p360606_n218
Multi Swirl Diffuser MSC-FD
Floor Diffusers
Stacks Image p360606_n55
Floor Twist outlet MFD-TP
Stacks Image p360606_n60
Floor Displacement outlet MFD-DP
Stacks Image p360606_n167
Auditorium Floor Swirl Diffuser ASF-AD
Stacks Image p360606_n164
Inclined Floor Swirl Diffuser ISF-AD
Stacks Image p360606_n170
Auditorium Step Swirl Diffuser CSS-FD
Sidewall Diffusers
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Linear Whirl Outlet LSW
Stacks Image p360606_n71
Jet Nozzle SAP
Stacks Image p360606_n76
Jet nozzle SAP-N
Stacks Image p360606_n81
Perforated Multistream Diffuser PMW
Stacks Image p360606_n192
Wall Swirl Diffuser CSW
Stacks Image p360606_n213
Linear Multistream Wall Diffuser LMW
Displacement Outlets (Commercial)
Stacks Image p360606_n92
Rectangular displacement outlet DF1W
Stacks Image p360606_n97
Circular displacement outlet DR360
Displacement Outlets (Industrial)
Stacks Image p360606_n108
Circular displacement outlet CP
Assembly Rooms

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