Smartemp Wall Swirl Diffuser CSW


Side-blow swirl diffuser with manually or electrically adjustable discharge direction adjustment and three manual throw settings (short, medium or long). Suitable for installation in walls or bulkheads. Optional electrically operated constant horizontal throw VAV available (size DN630 only).

Mixed flow discharge: High induction swirl discharge intensely mixes supply air with room air. Strong supply air dilution with rapid discharge velocity decay produces draught-free, high momentum supply air motion of uniform temperature distribution over short or long throws. Ideal for enhanced thermal comfort (ADPI ≥ 80%).

Wall location: Suitable for discharge from walls or bulkheads.

Adjustable direction: Airflow direction adjustment from substantially horizontal to substantially vertical, for draught-free cooling and effective heating, respectively.

Manual adjustment: Discharge direction adjustment is manual.

Circular face shape: Diffuser face flange is round.

Radial face pattern: Swirl vanes are visible.

Metal Face: Powder coated metal finish.


Constant throw: Size DN630 available with optional VAV kit to provide turndown to between 25% and 40% (depending on throw setting) whilst maintaining substantially constant horizontal throw.

Electric adjustment: Airflow direction adjustment (upwards for cooling; downwards for heating) by means of electric actuator with 24V AC/DC power supply and 2-10 V control input. Well suited to supply-to-room temperature differential control for optimised cooling and heating performance, providing effective downward heat penetration whilst ensuring draught-free operation year round.

Thermal adjustment: Self-acting up/down discharge direction adjustment - no external power source or controls required. Cool supply air is directed upwards providing draught-free air motion, and warm supply air is directed downwards for effective penetration of heat to a low level.

Ceiling Diffusers
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Twist Outlet DK
Stacks Image p360623_n13
Radial Slot Outlet DEK
Stacks Image p360623_n18
Radial Slot Outlet (Circular) DEK
Stacks Image p360623_n23
Radial Outlet DK-O
Stacks Image p360623_n29
Radial Outlet HSC-FD
Stacks Image p360623_n34
Adjustable Radial Outlet HSC-AD
Stacks Image p360623_n39
Slot Diffuser SR
Stacks Image p360623_n144
Invisible Diffuser
Stacks Image p360623_n218
Multi Swirl Diffuser MSC-FD
Floor Diffusers
Stacks Image p360623_n55
Floor Twist outlet MFD-TP
Stacks Image p360623_n60
Floor Displacement outlet MFD-DP
Stacks Image p360623_n167
Auditorium Floor Swirl Diffuser ASF-AD
Stacks Image p360623_n164
Inclined Floor Swirl Diffuser ISF-AD
Stacks Image p360623_n170
Auditorium Step Swirl Diffuser CSS-FD
Sidewall Diffusers
Stacks Image p360623_n150
Linear Whirl Outlet LSW
Stacks Image p360623_n71
Jet Nozzle SAP
Stacks Image p360623_n76
Jet nozzle SAP-N
Stacks Image p360623_n81
Perforated Multistream Diffuser PMW
Stacks Image p360623_n192
Wall Swirl Diffuser CSW
Stacks Image p360623_n213
Linear Multistream Wall Diffuser LMW
Displacement Outlets (Commercial)
Stacks Image p360623_n92
Rectangular displacement outlet DF1W
Stacks Image p360623_n97
Circular displacement outlet DR360
Displacement Outlets (Industrial)
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Circular displacement outlet CP
Assembly Rooms

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