Advanced Airflow Solutions are UK suppliers of Klimaoprema Grilles & Diffusers, VAV & CAV Regulators and Fire Dampers.

About Klimaoprema

Klimaoprema is one of the worlds leading suppliers of air conditioning, ventilation and clean room equipment. Located in Croatia, Klimaoprema have been successfully supplying equipment throughout Europe for more than 40 years.

Due to its continued success, the company has recently doubled its manufacturing space to 16,000 m2, which, together with it’s extensive R&D facility, fully mechanised manufacturing equipment and quality management system has enabled Klimaoprema to become a leader on the world stage.

The extensive product range offered by Klimaoprema includes all types of air distribution outlets from standard louvre face diffusers and sidewall grilles to highly inductive swirl diffusers having a variety of designs to please the most demanding of architectural requirements.

Klimaoprema SR

Slot Diffuser type SR

One of the most popular products of the Klimaoprema range is the inductive linear slot, type SR30 and it’s high capacity counterpart the SR50. These discrete diffusers can be easily integrated into any ceiling design whilst maintaining the flexibility of airflow patterns due to their individually controllable deflectors. The SR slot diffusers are popular for use with fan coil units because of their low pressure loss and the elongated shape of the plenum boxed which allows sufficient acoustic material to suppress unwanted fan coil noise.

Klimaoprema SR

Klimaoprema RVP

VAV & CAV Regulators type RVP & RVK

Variable volume regulators (VAV), type RVP are available in both rectangular and circular models, up to 1000x1000 and 630 diameter respectively. VAV regulators are complete with flow grid, damper, actuator / controller, and if required acoustic shells. Controllers are factory calibrated and can be integrated into any BMS system, protocols include MODBUS, LON, KNX and many others, including fast acting solutions for laboratory applications. Full performance data including generated noise spectra is available upon request. Klimaoprema also produce matching sound attenuators type PZM & PZX for all sizes.

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