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Advanced Airflow Solutions are UK suppliers of Smartemp Grilles & Diffusers.

About Smartemp

Smartemp are a world leading manufacturer of high quality grilles, diffusers and air distribution equipment. The Smartemp range of products includes solutions for large spaces, increased comfort, enhanced air quality, high efficiency, quiet operation and thermal displacement. Many products in the range are patented, and include solutions delivering high capacity and enhanced heating. Engineering and technical services include selection programs, technical brochures, laboratory testing and direct client advice in relation to specialised air diffusion performance, indoor air quality, diffuser layout, and associated acoustics and system design.

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Smartemp Grilles

Smartemp HSC-AD

Ceiling Swirl Diffusers

The Smartemp range of established products includes ceiling swirl diffusers type HSC, ideal for commercial office spaces, which can either be integrated into specific ceiling grid profiles or stand alone in exposed ceiling applications. Due to the highly inductive airflow patterns, coanda plates are not required.

Thermostatically adjustable swirl outlets can be provided for mounting heights above 4m, which ensure that warm supply air reaches the occupied zone.

Smartemp ISF-AD

Floor Diffusers

Floor swirl diffusers type ISF, in either polycarbonate or cast aluminium are supplied with dirt baskets and dampers which have pre-set positions to enable accurate air balancing. Floor diffusers are also available for displacement flow and auditoria applications. All Smartemp floor diffusers have a visually consistent appearance irrespective of the function whether it be straight plume, offset plume or displacement flow.

Smartemp ISF-AD

Smartemp PMW

Sidewall Diffusers

Innovative sidewall diffusers, type PMW deliver conditioned air using an inductive air supply pattern to ensure that coolest or heated supply air is mixed thoroughly with the room air and "dumping" of cold air into the occupied zone, commonly experienced with more traditional linear bar grilles or double deflection grilles, is avoided. Smartemp PMW diffusers are most suitable for high comfort area and in particular hotel rooms.

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Smartemp offer a comprehensive range of grilles & diffusers for large spaces such as factories, warehouses, film studios, airports and theatres, where a wide range of operational and architectural requirements exist. These diffusers include long throw & adjustable jet nozzles, adjustable swirl diffusers for heights up to 25m, sidewall and free standing adjustable displacement outlets.

Birmingham Conservatoire

Smartemp MSC

Innovation, Reseach & Development

The ethos of the Smartemp brand is to continually improve successful existing products alongside introducing new project specific solutions. An example of a custom solution in the UK is the development of the Smartemp MSC-FD, a multi swirl diffuser, designed specifically for the BBC Cardiff project due to it's ability to provide high & stable airflow rates at very low noise levels.

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