Smartemp Incline Floor Swirl Diffuser ISF-AD

The world's only floor swirl diffuser with user-adjustable airflow rate, air motion and direction.

Round floor swirl diffuser with user-adjustable air pattern from an inclined air stream to a vertical air plume. Air direction is user-adjustable by rotation of the inclined air stream towards or away from the user for increased or decreased air motion. Airflow rate is user-adjustable for increased or decreased airflow. An optional electric actuator provides VAV modulation. Substantially constant throw height of the inclined air stream to head height of seated occupants prevents cold feet / warm head regardless of the diffuser airflow rate setting.

Displacement airflow: Thermal displacement room airflow, with low-level supply of mixed airflow into the occupancy microclimate. A deep occupancy microclimate up to head height of seated occupants is created, which gently spreads as displacement airflow across the floor. Heat and contaminants rise to a high layer of stratification by natural convection. Enhanced levels of indoor air quality are attained in the breathing zone.

Floor location: Air supply from the floor, typically at least 500 mm from seated occupants.

Constant throw VAV: Substantially constant throw to head height of seated occupants regardless of the diffuser damper setting (adjustment by hand or by the optional VAV actuator). Prevents cold feet / warm head.

Adjustable pattern & direction:
Airflow pattern adjustment from a gentle inclined breeze to an almost imperceptible vertical plume. Airflow direction adjustment by rotation of the inclined airstream.

Manual adjustment: Airflow rate, pattern and direction adjustment are manual.

Circular face shape: 200 mm nominal diameter round floor swirl face, plus mounting flange.

Radial face pattern: Substantially radially aligned swirl slots provide highly inductive swirl discharge.

Concentric face pattern: Concentric slots provide inclined discharge.

Plastic face: Polycarbonate, dyed grey or to colour of choice (depending on quantity).


Electric adjustment: VAV motorised adjustment by means of electric actuator with 24V AC/DC power supply and 2-10 V analogue control input.

Metal face: Anodised or powder coated cast aluminium finish.

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